EC Goals & Focus

Endurance Cycling organizational focus, goals & plans

• Developing EC Programs & Competitions
to help motivate cyclists,
to help cyclists improve their cycling, performance and life
while encouraging them to reach for their goals.

• Stimulate & Encourage participation of Individuals and Teams
in the endurance type/style of road bicycling events and competitions
within the USA (United States of America)

• Further & Boost the coordination and promotion
of long distance, endurance type/style bicycle events within the USA

• Sanctioning of Endurance Cycling events
and endurance type/style cycling events within the USA

• Establishing reasonable standards for cyclists
participating in Endurance Cycling events on the road
and guidelines for others sanctioned endurance type/style cycling events within the USA

• Fostering cyclists while they transition
from short distance events into endurance style cycling events

• Promotion of Comradership, Fellowship & Friendship
within the endurance community of cyclists

There may be additional focus & plans later as EC grows
EC focus is planned to be only on programs, events & competitions within the USA
that will help develop and increase the popularity of the sport of cycling within the USA!