Endurance Cycling

Cycling has been around since the last part of the 1800's. Events with some distance became popular in the last part of that Century. There are and have been several organizations with focus on the various disciplines of cycling. Endurance Cycling will help define, organize, structure and promote cycling events that are or would be considered endurance events which are held within the USA (United States of America).

With the beginning of a new generation in time, the Endurance Cycling organization will grow and help with the concept of 'endurance cycling'. The Endurance Cycling organization will also be referred to as EC herein and on EC products and events.

Some of you may ask what would be or what is considered as the endurance type/style of bicycling? Endurance Cycling is going to define 'the endurance style of cycling' as "any bicycling ride of 60 miles or longer". Consider this, most people will take more than 3 hours to ride 60 miles. For any event of that length or longer, it takes some planning and a certain amount of discipline to complete the distance in one session with no or minimal stops. It takes even more fitness to be able to enjoy the event, especially if you are doing it solo or with only one or a few friends riding with you.

There are a number of people who already ride many miles and there are new cyclists who would like to be able to ride even farther than they currently ride or race, whether it be for a prize or a lifetime accomplishment. Endurance Cycling wants to help encourage the sport and events that would be considered 'endurance cycling' events.

Endurance Cycling exists for several reasons:

EC is for Cyclists who want to challenge their endurance!
EC is here to help Cyclists transition into this endurance sport!
EC is for the Cyclist who enjoys or wants to improve their long rides or go farther!
EC is for the Cyclist who wants to compete in longer events that require endurance!

EC plans to develope some great cycling programs while evolving to help motivate & improve your cycling!

The concept for development of this organization, Endurance Cycling was started in 2004 and has been in the works since and will continue to be developed and grow over the years to come. More info will be posted as we have time to share and enjoy Endurance Cycling and the sport of 'endurance cycling' with you.

The EC website is being built & more will be added along the way!
EC website rolled out Jan 2011 to go the distance!
The EC website will grow and improve over time as an athlete should, when they train properly!