Endurance Cycling - Online Data System

EC-ODS planned features

Signing up to use EC-ODS will be simple! Registration should be available in 2013 or sooner! EC-ODS can provide you with many benefits.
The EC-ODS will allow registrants to participate in the EC Challenges & Competitions, the EC-ODS can help you

* Monitor fitness and health trends over time
* Track exercise, nutrition, weight, stress & more
* Search and record routes or map your own
* Share workouts and routes with friends
* Upload heart rate, power meter & GPS workouts
* Apply exercise programs and meal plans
* Plan and schedule your own exercise & meals
* Follow a coach, trainer or use the Virtual Coach

Endurance Cycling is working on a system to provide an excellent way to track and display the results of those participating in the EC Challenges & Competitions so Registration should be available in 2013 or sooner allowing you to use EC-ODS and start working on getting more fit and faster!

Individuals who are registered with EC-ODS can track their own progress by recording exercise using a computer, iPhone, Blackberry or other smart phone. If you have a compatible GPS, HR or power device and/or software you'll be able to upload your files. So whether you want to lose a few pounds or as an elite athlete you are training for that extra edge, those tools can help you achieve your goals.

Individuals who are registered with EC-ODS can analyze their activities, manually enter data such as distance, time or calories burned, upload your device using the systems tools and then showing elevation gain, speed, heartrate, power and more, depending on your device and preferences. You'll be able to review your workout showing key metrics like heartrate, power, speed, distance, etc. and when combined with GPS, a map of your route, depending on your device/system limitations.

Registration will open soon for EC-ODS!

Please note:

Because of the way EC-ODS will be setup and operating, Registrants may have Endurance Cycling listed as your Club, Coach or as Others that your data is being shared with. Endurance Cycling will not be actually coaching you, EC-ODS plans to offer special benefits and discounts that you may take advantage of by registering with EC-ODS. If you already have a coach working with you, you'll still need to share your data with EC to participate in any of the EC Competitions & Challenges. Be assured that EC will not knowingly share your personal info with anyone outside of EC or those authorized to help us, please see the EC-ODS agreement and EC policies for more details.

At some point in time EC may be looking for coaches that you can work with to help you improve the areas that you want them to help you with. More details on this feature in the furture. When EC finds those that we feel are good coaches, they will be listed on our website. You may use other coach search features to find a coach that meets your needs.

All programs, polices and agreements may change from time to time. Documents, polices and agreements will be updated/posted when any changes become effective.

If you have any problems with EC-ODS registration, please contact EC about